Nick Bates, Director

nick_bates_new Nick Bates was a British government official for 37 years until 2011 (27 in the Diplomatic Service and 10 with the Department for International Development). For most of his career he was involved in analysis and reporting of the political and conflict issues in the countries and regions where he worked; mainly on the Middle East (Egypt, Sudan, Oman and Iraq) and eastern Africa (Great Lakes, the Horn). He used this deep understanding to work in teams on conflict prevention, conflict resolution and post-conflict development, reconstruction and reconciliation.

In his later years as senior adviser at DFID he focused additionally on the Great Lakes region, analysing the multiple interconnected local and regional conflicts and the opportunities for stabilisation and development through the promotion of trade within a growth agenda.

Nick has also been part of several expert and advisory panels focussing on informal trade and conflict minerals in East and Central Africa.


Bates, Nick. A confidential report for the Donor Group on the Regional Dynamics of the Nile Basin Initiative, May 2011.

Bates, Nick with Dominic Johnson, Hilary Sunman and Jessie Banfield. 'Trading for Peace, An Agenda for Reform', March 2009.